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Kerrick Patterson, (Born October 14, 1991) better known by his stage name KPEEZY, is an american rapper debuted in late 2011 with  Los-Atlanta, followed by a series of the mixtape in 2011. Indie artist KPEEZY has yet to be released main stream, but his recent internet sucess should be just the breakthrough the rising artist were hoping for.

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Kerrick's Life and Times

( EARLY LIFE ) Patterson was born in Houston, Texas, and later moved with his single mother, sister and brother to Atlanta. He wrote rhymes often as a child, and began rapping at age 16. growing up on the eastside of Atlanta brought its own troubles to patterson. he thrived in sports as a teen in junior high, but PEEZY would later fall in love with music. His passion for the art of entertainment star struck PEEZY's fellow peers, as he began Perfecting his craft not only in but out of the booth as well. Known as a friendly libra who loves to get his work done PEEZY has had many obstacles to surpass in his young life. the 19 year old dropped out of high school to chase his dream of becoming a full-time rapper. (LEGAL ISSUE) Labelled a juvenile at the age of 14, PEEZY would continue to be arrested. re-arrsted on juvenile probation violation, landed PEEZY his first trip to boot camp. shiped to savannah ga, where he served a 3 months term. Shortly after his 18 birthday. Peezy then re-arrested late november, but charges where later dropped due to lack of evidence

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Kerrick's Personal Qualities

KPEEZY has great lyrical ability expressing this in his album. While his intertainment value is low at the momment, recent blog suggests he spice up his image. Also he has one of the best flows in the game compared to recent artist. Considering his age and skill PEEZY is very marketable in today's music industry.
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"Remember last night when Kerrick tripped on the candy wrapper and destroyed Sarah's house?! That was hilarious!" This is the place to put any stories such as that that shed light on what kind of person Kerrick is, even if he/she is just a goofy klutz. These stories can be interesting, funny, flattering, embarassing, or just plain fun. Whatever they are, writing them is your chance to exemplify just why Kerrick is unique.
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Messages for Kerrick

Your #1 Fan keep pushin your music. if waka flocka can make it you got a good chance! *A-ROSS*
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Kerrick's Memorable Quotes

" All dis ink on a nigga like a textbook and life is only a fight give it ya best hook" KPEEZY
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