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Melissa Dilan-Hernandez is a Co-Writer for the tv miniseries Todo por un Sueno  and the Editor of Hollywood Female Models Magazine.

What's new: Watch this amazing video of what happened when Baby Ranks came to visit Lakeland including behind-the scenes clips of his interview with Melissa!

Melissa Dilan-Hernandez interview with Baby Ranks on November 16, 2013.

To view full size pictures of Melissa's interview with Baby Ranks click-here. To contact her via her general inbox: click here. Use this form also to contact Melissa Dilan-Hernandez for any booking or hiring inquiries. You can also ask general questions via her, however, any form of harassment, threat, or aggravated stalking will be reported to the law enforcement authorities immediately.

 To advertise or to be featured such as in an interview on HF Models Magazine, contact Melissa Dilan at: (However, please refer to her general inbox as well in order to get a much faster response). If you are a celebrity on demand, or a high profile member in the entertainment world, the magazine will strive to provide travel arrangements for either one of the parties.To view a list of interviews that Melissa has done in the past, scroll down. You will be able to find it in her biography section. The magazine covers various topics such as fashion, beauty, entertainment (tv/film/music), health, and many others!

Melissa Dilan-Hernandez is a huge fan of Macklemore and she's also a big supporter of gay rights! Feel free to invite her to any event. She'd feel more than honored to attend if it's possible.Melissa Dilan-Hernandez is the former writer of Melissa's Corner (2007) as previously featured in Ebiz-U, an SEO content writer, a holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Education (2007), the former Vice President of Kendra Wilkinson's Official Fan Club, a former editor of Esquire Publications, the former writer of Whoops, it is what it is!, a former entertainment writer for Fast Top Ten, an entrepeneurial journalist who has a passion for the world of entertainment, a huge fan of Macklemore, Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy), Channing Tatum, Catfish: The TV Show, Impractical Jokers, TMZ, and she also is a supporter of gay rights and anti-bullying campaigns.

Melissa Dilan back in 2010 when she was the Vice-President of the Official Fan Club of Kendra Wilkinson.  

Melissa Dilan-Hernandez official Twitter (Temporarily not active. Please ignore any other unofficial/fabricated accounts.)

Check out old special Twitter mentions of Melissa made by the famous!

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: An Inspirational Novel -  (In the making)

Melissa's Writing and Editing Services Official Website (Used as reference now.) 

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"I'm a nice person. Anybody who's ever met me in the past or meet me in the future... you know what I'm saying? Hey, I know what's in my heart, I'm a nice person. And if I'm being nice to you, and you're mean to me, I'll still be nice. But if you're mean to me a second time... I don't care who it is... It could be one of you guys. It could be one of my friends in the back or it could be the new dependent of my taxes. You mess with me and I'm going to mess with you back and I'm going to step it up a notch so you don't forget." -Gabriel Iglesias

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The biography of Melissa Dilan

Melissa Dilan as a newborn in 1982.! Born to Wanda I. Hernandez (secretary of Carvin School) and Jose R. Dilan (Frito Lay retiree) in April 12, 1982 (San Juan - Puerto Rico), Melissa Dilan) is a simple woman with many dreams, just like any other woman! Many of her dreams  have been accomplished, and others, yet to be reached! During her twelve academic years in Carvin School, she became fully bilingual. A little before her high school graduation in 2000, Melissa Dilan-Hernandez suffered a non severe knee injury leading to a surgery while taking dance classes (Jazz, Ballet, and Acrobatics) at Bailos, a famous  and sophisticated dance company in Puerto Rico. After her recovery, she joined "The School of Performing Arts" (Hip Hop, Modern Dance, Ballet, Jazz) in Puerto Rico as well but then she discontinued her attendance so she could become a full time college student. She decided to major in education, so she began her studies in late 2000 at Universidad de Puerto Rico. Between the years of 2000-2002 she had the opportunity to briefly meet personally many celebrities and famous personalities at previous jobsites associated with tourism and hospitality. Among these are included former President Bill ClintonBill Clinton and Jennifer Lopez. She took a pause in her life and thought about joining the armed forces in 2002 aiming for a scholarship in order to accomplish her academic goals. Shortly after, she was discharged for being unable to complete all physical requirements due to her  previous knee injury. She went back to Puerto Rico and continued her studies in education at Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez .


Melissa Dilan then, in 2003In the beginning of 2003 Melissa Dilan-Hernandez got offered an education related job in the state of Illinois and she decided to respond to it since it was a good opportunity to strengthen her knowledge and work experience in general. During her stay, attracted by a tremendous interest in the arts /entertainment world after her her past experiences while working in Puerto Rico, she decided to attend the Ocean's Twelve Movie Extras Casting in Chicago, IL (In March of the same year). After gaining some experience and an overview on work and life in the United StateGeorge Wetherills, she returned to Puerto Rico to continue her education at Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez. In the year of 2005 Melissa finally moved to the state of Florida and continued her studies at  Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez of Orlando.  During her studies, she had the honor to meet through a phone interview famous scientist George Wetherill (RIP). George was awarded the National Medal of Science in 1997 by former President Bill Clinton. Unfortunately, he died of Alzheimer 4 months later.  This interview was part of one of her education projects (which is what increased her interest in research, writing, and journalism. In other words, Melissa went to college to become a teacher, but she discovered that she had a hidden passion which later on blossomed into what she is doing today.)

3 children of Melissa DilanIn December of 2005 her first son was born, and 10 months later, in October, her second son was born. Melissa proudly obtained her BA in Education with a GPA of 3.92 in January of 2007. Her graduation ceremony was celebrated on June of 2007; occasion in which she received her Summa Cum Laude award. During that year, she decided it was a great time to begin her professional writing journey, so she began blogging for Ebiz-U. In 2008 Melissa worked in educationRob Mayes related jobs in Tampa, FL (while going through several life transitions). In June of 2009 she has her third child, a girl. In January of 2010 Melissa meets and sustains a fascinating and friendly conversation with actor Rob  Mayes -(Ice Castles: 2010 - See trailer) at a former job site in Holiday, FL. Melissa Dilan-Hernandez admitted that she had no idea of who he was until he started showing to her pictures of his new movie (at the time): Ice Castles, directly from his cell phone (just days before it was released). According to her, he is a very professional, respectful, and friendly person. That experience was intriguing enough for Melissa to get a little closer and explore further the world of arts and entertainment.

 During the month of September of the same year, Melissa Dilan-Hernandez reveals her passion for the arts / entertainment world  and combined it with her writing skills, so she started a new blog called: Whoops, it is what it is! (currently not active). During that time, she briefly interviews on the phone her long time friend Jason Craig (Comic book artist and writer) for a blog post. Melissa has shared that Jason constantly reminds her of how relevant it is to work hard to achieve your goals and go anywhere that you want to go in life. These events, combined with everything that she had experienced in her life,  made her transition from just a blogger to a content writer, ghost writer, commentator, editor, and an entrepeneurial / aspiring journalist; leading to many writing offers.

Michelle RiveraOn October 1st of 2010, she is mentioned by Michelle Rivera (Emmy Award Winner TV Host) in her twitter account. In her blog, Melissa declared that Michelle is one of her biggest inspirations within her aspirations. Melissa revealed (as a reply to several compliments) that she will never forget what Michelle Rivera told her once: "Work hard & follow your dreams, even when people say u can't."

Kendra WilkinsonJust a few days after, on October 6th of 2010, Melissa Dilan-Hernandez became the Vice President of Kendra Wilkinson's Official Fan Club. Kendra Wilkinson is the former reality show star of "The Girls Next Door", the main star in her tv series "Kendra", and the author of "Sliding into Home". (Melissa received an offer to work as an editor for Esquire Publications and accepted it on November 5, 2010. Shortly after, Melissa wasn't able to keep contributing to the fan club for technical reasons. Nevertheless, she is still a big admirer of Kendra Wilkinson and will never forget how fun it was to be part of it!

On October 7th of 2010, author, former radio host, and current tv host: Wendy Williams responded to a question from Melissa (see more details) during Wendy's first time ever live video chat! This is what Melissa Dilan-Hernandez published on her blog (currently not active) on this matter: I asked Wendy: "Would you ever accept a major role (of course) in a movie based on your very own life? She said: "That's a very good question!" She responded my question by stating that she and her husband were planning on producing an independent film based on her first book, an autobiography (Wendy's Got The Heat), which she wrote back in 2001. However, in 2007, she found out that she was getting a TV show! - I think that Wendy should play her own role, she is a unique woman with a great personality worth to admire. (On 11/20/2010, Melissa Dilan-Hernandez tweeted a quote that Wendy Williams expressed during the show: "What makes a good interviewer is someone who has a natural curiosity about people" -@wendyshow. Melissa was captured by such powerful quote and found herself situated within it in a more structured and stronger way. In other words, she knows that this is what she wants to do!)

Poppy CarligOn November 29, 2010, Melissa Dilan-Hernandez interviewed Poppy Carlig, a season 10 youngster of The Apprentice. Her participation gave her a new, fresh, an fruitful perspective of the business world, leading her to desire to experience the world of broadcasting one more time. "I have come to recognize strengths and assets I didn't know I had until getting a taste of the business world. I also gained a sense of maturity and learned about marketing ideas and catering them to a specific audience. Additionally, after a month of cameras following my every move, I came to enjoy the experience of being in front of the camera. I would love to be in front of the camera again on either the big or little screen."

Felix RyanOn December 1st of 2010 Melissa also interviewed actor Felix Ryan.His eternal attachment to acting is reflected on his character: Spike in The Power Rangers Samurai. "I started off doing a lot of extra work to get a better knowledge of how everything works, such as: camera work, communication, taking directions, and on lots of other important information needed before I could start auditioning for leading/supporting roles. One thing I learned is that every little aspect counts;like a cook book. You must take directions just like you do with a recipe. One must have potential, dedication, determination, and be committed/obligated in their role/work." 

To view all of Melissa's interviews at once click here.

Melissa Dilan's  guide to her interviews:

 01. Jason Craig Comic book artist, writer. 09/06/2010
 02. Nikita Tyree Hip Hop singer, songwriter. 10/21/2010
 03. Mike Peralta Singer, songwriter. 10/31/2010
 04. Steve Jerve Meteorologist. 11/02/2010
 05. Daniel & RJ Comic book artists, writers. 11/05/2010
 06. Chip Carter Sports anchor. 11/08/2010
 07. Tawny Heath Singer, songwriter, model, actress. 11/10/2010
 08. D.C. Hip Hop singer, songwriter. 11/13/2010
 09. Obehi R&B singer, songwriter. 11/19/2010
 10. Keith Jones News anchor. 11/25/2010
 11. Poppy Carlig Former reality star. 11/29/2010
 12. Felix Ryan Actor, dancer. 12/02/2010
 13. Hal Heffner Comic book artist, writer. 12/22/2010
 14. Miredys Peguero Singer, songwriter, model, actress. 01/27/2011
 15. Nile Ross Hip Hop singer, songwriter. 02/07/2011
 16. Uri Man Former reality star, radio host. 02/23/2011
 17. Brent Weinbach Comedian, actor, director, writer. 04/09/2011
 18. Beau Yotty Actor, model. 04/21/2011
 19. Gregor Collins Actor, author. 05/11/2011
 20. Anthony Omenya
 Singer, songwriter, producer.
 21. Felicia Martinez  Alius's mom (talented child).  06/16/2011
 22. Re'Nauta Bell
 Makeup artist.
 23. Rib Eye TMZ Harvey Levin Fish.
 24. Chris Jacobs  Actor, news correspondent. 07/16/2011
 25. Rali Ivanova Professional top model. Nov. 2013
 26. Baby Ranks Reggaeton Artist (link coming soon) Nov. 2013
 27. Jessica Negromonte  Model, tv host. Jan. 2014

George Lopez: Lopez TonightMelissa Dilan-Hernandez is a huge fan of George Lopez. On December 14, 2010, Scott S. Kramer, the former new media producer of Lopez Tonight, made an approach to her regarding a funny tweet that she sent to George. She commented in her post: "However, he was looking for someone from LA. I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation and gratefulness to him! Thank you Scott! For the benefit of everyone, I have now labeled appropiately my Twitter bio and bookings form with my  location details." On January 6th, 2011, Kougar Kardashian Retweets Melissa's petition to get her interviewed on Lopez Tonight! Unfortunately, the show got cancelled a few months later.

Melissa Dilan-Hernandez is not the only one in her family with a passion for writing and hosting. Her grandfather, Ginio Hernandez, is the author of Island of the Iguanas (Published in 1972 - A novel based on his life) and other publications. Ginio narrates the story of his childhood while experiencing the communism effects in Cuba. In his own words, he illustrates how he found the way to escape a difficult chiMelissa Dilanldhood. In the book, he also tells how later on in life he became a sailor and embraced a new life by joining the armed forces, where he worked as a language teacher and for the CIA for years. The action in this novel starts hen Ginio and his fellow soldiers' have to live in a solitary island for almost 30 days as a consequence of a shipwreck). Ginio wrote this book while he was hosting a Radio Show in North Carolina. 


Melissa DilanAmong Melissa's goals, is to one day further expand her skills and emerge deeper into the journalism, writing, and editing world by becoming an editor for a major fashion or entertainment magazine and/or a tv show script writer/editor. She recently revealed that she is working on a book: "Life is like a Box of Chocolates: An Inspirational Novel". As of June 13, 2012, she's made a pause on this publishing process. However, she is planning on finishing her novel in the future and to finally share it with the world one day! Melissa Dilan-Hernandez is currently living in New Port Richey, Florida. She can currently be reached through this old contact form. This biography was last updated on June 13th, 2012.


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Melissa Dilan-Hernandez nationality - Puerto Rican

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Melissa Dilan Hernandez Trial

What happened to Melissa Dilan-Hernandez? Did Melissa Dilan-Hernandez go to jail? -  She didn't go to jail and did not have to register as a sex offender. However the alleged victim went to jail about a year later for multiple counts of burglary. It wasn't the first time in his life getting arrested. Apparently he has a long criminal history. (Retrieved from

TJ and Melissa Dilan 

Melissa Dilan Hernandez Dr Phil 

Melissa Dilan Hernandez wiki

Contact Melissa Dilan-Hernandez - Click here.


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Melissa's Memorable Quotes

 "The way I saw Nakia (The Voice) connecting with that audience was absolutely something I'll never forget. I wasn't physically there, but I felt like if I was. It was beautiful, contagious, magnificent... and I don't know what else I can say, but Nakia (The Voice) really has occupied a special place in my heart." -June 21, 2011

 "There are no limits in writing! Concentrate on what you are mostly passionate about. Writing is a beautiful form of art; draw with your emotions a picture of what you want others to see. Your talent will be gift that will be treasured by others forever. You can make the world fall in love with your words if you put your efforts into understanding it better. Learn, research, and allow your curiosity travel wherever it wants to. You'll be surprised how far you will go." -May 7, 2011

"To me, Oprah is a woman that symbolizes hope, encouragement, a fresh beginning to something fruitful, and ever lasting love. She has proven to the world that it is possible to dream and to achieve. She has taught a lot of us that your dreams can transition into facts when you work hard for them." -December 28, 2010 

"After seeing Denzel Washington on @GeorgeLopez, I dreamed last night that Denzel had asked me to give him a huge hug; best dream I ever had!" -November 20, 2010

"Aside from her current celebrity life, Kendra is an incredible woman who has gone through many challenges in her life just as any other person has. She is a beautiful woman, we all know that! However, I think that the most important qualities that made her succeed and be admired are: her simplicity, humbleness, and appreciation (to her fans)." -October 3, 2010

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